Slow Roasted Garlic Finishing Salt


This finishing salt is created with Tasmanian grown garlic, tossed in olive oil and very slowly roasted. The caramelised garlic cloves are then dried to keep the amazing flavours and aromas and blended with pure Tasmanian sea salt.

Aromatic, sweet-salty with an intense camarelised garlic hit. This award-winning product is one is for true garlic lovers.

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How to use

Finishing salts add a delicious burst of colour, flavour and texture to any dish – savoury or sweet. Just a simple sprinkle can take your culinary creation from ordinary to extraordinary. Use less salt (or no salt) in the preparation of your foods. Add a sprinkle to your finished product or plated dish. Or better yet, keep your finishing salts on the table and let everyone add their own.

Best with

The flavour combinations lends itself to all kinds of italian dishes and it’s intensity pairs well with both red and white meat.

also good with: This salt makes a lovely sprinkle for your winter casseroles. Use it to jazz up corn on the cob and roast vegetables. It’s also a great addition to guacamole.

Made in Tasmania from all natural ingredients

These small batch, hand blended culinary salts are crafted with sea salt harvested from the pure water of the north coast of Tasmania. They are infused with all natural ingredients. Our 100% natural salt blends don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours. Commercial salts and spices usually contain flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents. Our finishing salts do not. Because of this some clumping may occur over time. If it does, add some dry rice to the jar or bag. Or dry the salt, spread out, in the oven at its lowest temperature setting (or dehydrator).

Additional information


40g resealable pouch, 40g premium jar, 100g resealable pouch


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