Mild Chilli Dukkah (Walnut)


Dukkah is a blend of spices, seeds and nuts. This Egyptian-styled dukkah contains mild chilli, sumac, black and white sesame seeds and spices.

How to use: Dukkah is traditionally eaten with crusty bread and a good quality olive oil. Dip crusty bread into oil then dukkah or coat chicken, fish or meats in dukkah and roast or bbq. Sprinkle over cooked vegetables or a salad.

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How to use

Dukkah is a blend of spices, seeds and nuts which is traditionally served with olive oil and bread for dipping.

Also: * toss it with olive oil on your favourite vegetables and bake * scatter on eggs – seriously amazing * sprinkle over salads for flavour and crunch * use it as a crust on roast meat, fish, chicken * mix with yoghurt as a dip or marinade

Made in Tasmania from all natural ingredients

Store in a cool dry place, preferably out of direct sun and heat. Our 100% natural dukkahs don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours. Commercial mixes usually contain flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents. Our dukkahs do not. Because of this some clumping may occur over time. If it does, a shake or a stir should break it up. Or add some dry rice to the jar or bag. For maximum flavour use before the “Best Before” date.

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50g resealable pouch, 50g premium jar


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