Black Garlic Whole Bulbs (Unpeeled)


Bulbs of regular garlic are aged under specialised conditions (time + heat + humidity) until the cloves turn black and develop a sticky date-like texture. The flavours are deep with a wonderful caramelised sweet-sour balance. Your whole bulbs of black garlic will be vacuum sealed in quantities of 1, 2, 4, or 6.

What does it taste like?

Balsamic, licorice, molasses, caramel, and tamarind.

How to use it

Here are some suggestions…

  • Blend into good quality butter and melt on steak, seafood or vegetables
  • Mix in with fried mushrooms for a supreme umami hit
  • Make stir-fry or dumpling dipping sauce by mixing with soy sauce and chilli.
  • Combine with cream cheese, and herbs to make a delicious dip.
  • Apply paste and oil to chicken or fish before roasting.
  • Enhance the flavours of Bolognese or casseroles.
  • For a unique twist, add it to the cheese on toast.
  • Dip into melted dark chocolate for a pleasant taste sensation.
  • Add to mayo and serve with burgers and chips.
  • Stir through your favourite pasta.
  • Pair with cheese on a cheese board.
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Additional information

pack size

1 bulb, 2 bulbs, 4 bulbs, 6 bulbs


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